Electronic drug records save system $436 million for year: Study


  • Pharmacists using drug-information systems have spend less time checking with doctors and other prescribers for clarification
  •  Drug cost management
  • Increased patient compliance with prescriptiptions
  • Reduced adverse drug reactions
  • Less drug abuse
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Funds urged to promote doctor use of electronic medical records


The Canadian Medical Association released a five-year plan that would make electronic medical record available to all family doctors and local clinics. The plan includes a significant amount of money that should be invested at the local, community level. Read more...

Infoway Certification Services expands to include Diagnostic Imaging, Drug Information Systems

Canada Health Infoway added diagnostic imaging and drug information systems to its Certification Services. The current pre-implementation certifications include; Consumer Health Platforms, Consumer Health Applications, Client Registries, Provider Registries, Immunization Registries, Diagnostic Imaging, and Drug Information Systems. Read more...

Canada invests $500 million in electronic health record (EHR) systems with a focus on physicians and nurse practitioners across Canada


Electronic Medical Record systems enable physicians and nurse practitioners to securely access vital patient information which provides a better picture of their patients' overall health so better informed care decisions can be made. They also allow health care professionals to record their clinical notes electronically that eliminates the need for inefficient paper-based systems.  Read more...